Saving Dogs Lives Rescue

A dog that went from foster to adoption

This is a wonderful group of volunteers, that work to save the lives of as many as they can. I know firsthand, as I agreed to foster one of the euth list pups. Hailey was given extra time to find a foster or adopter, before she was to receive ‘the shot’. With an hour to go, I saw her post was still up on ND, I inquired and had about an hour to make the decision.. 2 m after her initial euth date, these wonderful volunteers brought her outside from the gates of certain death, to us, her fosters. We offered to pay for all her needs (food, treats & toys), as to reduce the financial burden on the rescue. Hailey is now, a very loved member of our family, even before we formally adopted her. We may never know how her story began, but we know it has a much different & happier ending, compared to what 3.1.23 had in store






Angel & Ginger now known as Chalky & Chi



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