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Adoption Contract

Saving Dogs' Lives Rescue

A nonprofit (501 )(c)(3) animal rescue organization

EIN: 99-1073319
Ca. Entity ID: 6052139

96 Springstowne Center Suite B Vallejo, Ca 94591

96 Springstowne Center Suite B Vallejo, Ca 94591 Phone # (707)319-7345, (408)205-6544

Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Adoptive Parent's Agreement:
I (adoptive parent's name),
Agree to provide care from this day forward to my new pet. This includes adequate food, water, exercise, veterinary care and lots of love. The pet will be kept inside the house and will not be tethered outside. I agree never to sell, trade or surrender the pet to any agency without giving prior notice to Saving Dogs' Lives (SDL). I agree not to transfer ownership of the pet to any individual without notifying SDL; such transfer of ownership is subject to SDL discretion. I agree that SDL have the first option of reclaiming the pet. I agree that the adoption fee is non refundable. There is no reimbursement if the adoption does not work out, unless agreed by SDL in terms listed below:
I agree that the expenses incurred after I take possession of the pet will be my sole responsibility. SDL is released of any and all liabilities whether financially or other. Any information shared by SDL, is of its own experience with the pet and SDL makes no warranties of any kind concerning the pet.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Pet's Information:
Animals Options
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Residential Information of Adoptive Parent(s):
Is this the address where the pet will live with you?
Please state reason:
Please check the box
Do you
House / Apartment
Condominium / Mobile Home
If renting what is your landlord's name?
Have you received permission from your landlord to have a pet(s)?
If yes, please provide a letter of permission from your landlord allowing you to have a pet(s), signed and dated.
SDL at its discretion will do yard and fence check, meet and greet with the with the other pet(s) in your household and family members.
There will be phone calls to be made by SDL and its authorized representative. Visits will be arranged. This is to ensure that the communication between SDL and the pet owner is maintained and when future assistance is needed. Our goal is to establish a long lasting relationship with our adopters, this relationship does not end after the adoption. Photos and videos will be requested from time to time. Pictures and videos will be published in our website upon permission by the pet owner. If there is a change in your address, phone number, email address please contact us by calling:
(707) 319-7345
(408) 205-6544
(707) 334-6948
OR send an email to:
Please sign and date:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
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