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So Ani was being fostered by my great aunt because I had to move out of my apartment 2 years ago. She’s been there ever since. The relative I live with now, I unfortunately could not bring her with me.

My great aunt got into an argument with her husband recently and he told her she needed to get rid of Ani. Ani didn’t do anything, the argument was for personal reasons. I tried reasoning with them but my uncle is not budging.

I have posted on multiple rehoming pages on Facebook, reached out to friends and family on social media, but unfortunately no one can take her.

Ani will be 4 years old next month on the 9th. She’s a big girl (almost 100lbs) but very sweet, especially with people. She loves playing with toys and giving lots of kisses. The downside is she has a bit of anxiety when it comes to other dogs, and has been this way since she was young. She doesn’t take well being around other dogs (or cats) so I feel like that’s been the struggle with finding her a new home.

She is spayed, microchipped, and has some vaccine updates coming at the beginning of August.

I hope this helps and hope we can find someone soon.

Thanks for your support!

I recently lost my husband and he had these two beautiful boys. That I can’t take with me when I relocate. I am trying not to separate them but if I have to I understand. I just want to find these boys a good home. Please help me find them a forever home.

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