Saving Dogs Lives Rescue



Breed: Purebred Bicolor German Shepherd, Large, Medium Coat

Age: 1 ½  years old

Sex:  Male

House Trained

Behavior:  Gentle, Shy, Dignified, Quiet, Playful (loves tug of war & fetch), Smart, Trainable

Good with other dogs.

He’s been around older kids.

Sadly he was given up by his family as they felt they didn’t have the time to spend with him and he was being kept in the backyard. Because he spent most of his life in thr backyard, he hasn’t been exposed to a lot of people or other animals. He is not aggressive, just a little under socialized so he’s not sure of himself out in public or around other dogs unless he knows them. He does reside with another dog which has been a good thing.

He’s been working with a Rescue Trainer to evaluate him & to make him adoptable.

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